Archana is an artist from India who has a passion for henna. As a child she saw her mom doing henna on her palms during festivals. She sometimes helped to paint her hands using a match stick. With time, match stick got replaced with henna cones. She never missed an opportunity to perform henna for her friends and relatives. When she got married and moved to the US, she noticed how difficult it was to find a henna artist for weddings and festivals. Once she was doing henna on a friend on a festival called Karva Chauth (a married woman celebrates Karva Chauth by observing a fast for the long life of her husband.) she remarked, "Archana you are so good why you don’t make this talent of yours into a profession and become a henna artist? This way you will be able to help the community too." That is when she thought of doing henna professionally as a way of expressing herself artistically and to spread the awareness of henna.