Shringar was started in 2004 by Archana to spread the awareness of threading and henna.

Shringar provides beauty services such as threading, waxing, facial spa services and hair-packs for damaged hair like hair henna and protein pack. We also do henna / mehendi for weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, Eid parties, corporate events or individual sessions.

Archana learnt threading in India to groom her own eyebrows and remove facial hair and after realizing its benefits over waxing, she started offering her technique to others. According to her, threading is a better technique over waxing for eyebrows and facial hair removal as it is natural involving less pain and greater precision leading to better arch and shape of the eyebrow. Threading is quicker and less expensive than waxing.

Henna is a temporary tattoo which stays on your body for about two weeks. Henna comes from a plant called Hawsonia Inermis and is natural. At Shringar, we love to do henna parties for all age groups. Henna is very popular especially among teenage kids. Henna is painless as it does not involve piercing or using needles. The henna plant is believed to bring love and good fortune, and to protect against evil.

Facial, if done regularly, improves blood circulation on the face leading to tighter and uplifted skin. We provide different facials for specific needs such as Herbal facial, Pearl facial, Oxygen facial, Acne facial, Gold Facial and many more.

Archana says: "I like to pamper my clients the way I like to get pampered."
Call today and get pampered!!

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